“It was the experience of a lifetime. We prayed a lot, laughed a lot, and suffered a little!” – Peggy Roy

“The Liturgies were so prayerful and meaningful – Masses, Adoration, Compline. The music for the Liturgies was so awe inspiring and beautiful.” – Elwood Fitzpatrick

“The final trek from Cormac Park to the Shrine with the whole group praying the Rosary and then hearing the bells tolling as we neared the church sent chills down my spine as I reflected on the true purpose of the Walk as a reminder of our Life Journey.” – Anonymous

“The pilgrimage was a real gift. It was a delight journeying with so many friends, old and new, and the conversations and time together was so blessed. I was touched by the profound generosity and hospitality of so many strangers who fed and cared for us, and I have already seen fruits of this pilgrimage in my own life from the intentions offered up during it, which I’m sure Saint Anne, St. Joseph, Our Lady, and St. Patrick were all involved in!” – Katherine Kelly

“I am grateful for the beautiful liturgies, and opportunities for prayer and penance through Adoration and confession each evening.” – Anonymous

“I really appreciated the amazing hospitality shown by so many along the way, and the cheerfulness and friendliness of the pilgrims themselves in welcoming someone new.” – Anonymous

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