Building the Opeongo Road

By Dr. Derek Murray In my last post, I wrote about the surveyor on the Opeongo Road, Hamlet Burritt. After the survey was finished in 1852, it took a while for the road to actually get built. Government officials had a hard time deciding what kind of road to build. And, more importantly, how much [...]

A Pilgrim Family

The following is a reflection by Nadia Bagshaw and her family on making the 2018 pilgrimage together. Among our family’s favourite memories of 2018, was taking part in the “Walk the Opeongo Line” pilgrimage from Renfrew to Cormac. The seven of us, with children ranging in age from six to sixteen years, had never camped [...]

Complete Summary of Amoris Laetitia

The following document is a paragraph-by-paragraph summary of Amoris Laetitia. Each sentence of the summary corresponds to its respective paragraph in Pope Francis’ Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation. This post was originally made on May 29, 2016, but was not transferred to the new website until May 29, 2019. 1It is important to note that there is [...]

A Road on a Map

...isn't necessarily a road in reality. As we enter the final few days before the feast of St. Ann, I'll offer a few last minute thoughts on the pilgrimage. As some who were on the pilgrimage last year know, things don't always go as we plan, and part of the pilgrimage experience is to be [...]

An Idea From Rome to Home

It's Easter and Spring, and it's time to start looking forward to some summer adventures! At the beginning of Lent an idea was conceived. It was the fruit of two needs: a) The need for a European style walking pilgrimage. Why was this a need? I'll get to that later. b) The need to stay local. [...]